Visual OEE™

What is Visual OEE™?

An extremely effective method of automating OEE data collection and bringing real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness and other key metrics to the plant floor AND to managers and supervisors anywhere in your plant. And it’s very economical, with OEE solutions starting at $1,390 per asset. For complete information visit:

How does it work?

Vorne XL products combine a plant floor scoreboard, fully automated production monitor, plant floor historian, job and shift reports, and a web browser interface in one exceptionally cost-effective package. Imagine real-time plant floor visibility from anywhere in your plant—delivered through a simple web browser!

Easy to Implement

Just install two sensors and enter your Ideal Cycle Time to start. Optionally, add your break schedule, Takt Time and Job/Shift Goal. In return XL provides over 100 different ways to view your production. It’s that simple!

Actionable Information Now

Tired of seeing production data in stale reports that are inaccurate and incomplete? XL is the answer! Accurate, complete, real-time data— viewable anywhere.

You Provide…XL Provides…
One SensorAvailability, Total Pieces, Current Rate, Average Rate, Cycle Time, Last Cycle Time, Average Cycle Time, Run Time, Event Run Time, Down Time, Event Down Time
Second SensorQuality, Good/Reject Pieces, Good/Reject Percent, Good/Reject Current and Average Rate
Ideal Cycle TimePerformance, OEE, Standard Cycles and Time, Reduced Speed Cycles and Time, Small Stop Cycles and Time
Takt TimeTarget Count, Target Cycle, Takt Timer, Piece/Time Variance, Efficiency
Job/Shift GoalPieces to Goal, Percent of Goal
Setup SwitchSetup and Event Setup Time
Break ScheduleStandby Time and Event Standby Time Breaks Countdown

More Information

For more information and to request a FREE 90-day trial go to:

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